Vendor’s address changed in NetSuite?

Easily update their billing address on all open PO’s



Simple to use – just manage the default address on your Vendor as you normally do – and then click a button to automatically update all open PO’s with the new Default Billing Address.


Instantly all the Open PO’s for that vendor are found and the billing address is updated… no waiting.  NetSuite even sends you an email when it’s done to let you check that off your to-do list. No messy CSV exports and imports.



It’s very easy to have other fields from the vendor also update the Open PO’s if you want!  Once the basic version is installed we can easily customize any additional fields as part of the update (like new terms from the Vendor to the PO’s).

Ever had a vendor tell you their address is changing for payments… only to have NetSuite still issue your payments to their old address?  You know you changed it on the Vendor record but the existing open Purchase Orders don’t seem to care.  You are busy, your Accounts Payable department is busy, nobody wants to manually update the open PO’s and CSV imports and updates in NetSuite are sloppy.

This simple add in module for NetSuite allows you to click a button anytime you have updated the default billing address on a Vendor record and have NetSuite automatically update all your OPEN PO’s with the correct billing address.

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