Flexible and Smart RESTful Services for NetSuite



Create / Read / Update / Delete just about any record or records in NetSuite using a robust and flexible RESTful API that can be tailored to your business – even chain records and events in support of your process.



Define roles, use OAuth access tokens, protect your data and more – all while making the access and manipulation of the data via RESTful services easy and secure for your external products and services.


Don’t get stuck using SOAP/XML and the serial NetSuite WebServices – live in a modern JSON / RESTful world that’s simple for developing external (and mobile) applications!


Want to change a published saved search? Do it in the NetSuite User Interface and the RESTful services for NetSuite immediately displays the new results.  Need to change how a record is updated? Change your JSON and NetSuite field names (standard or custom) and it just happens!

NetSuite + RESTful Services = Fast and Flexible Integrations

NetSuite is a powerful ERP platform with tremendous capabilities for customization. But it’s also not easy to integrate with using the native (and slow) SOAP/XML based services.  Our RESTful services for NetSuite allow you to do things like create a Sales Order, validate the authorization, generate a pick ticket and send a transactional email from outside of NetSuite with a single call.  Your imagination is the limit – other clients have built amazing integrations like:

  • Tailored data connections with leading ecommerce shopping carts like Spree, Magento and others
  • RESTful frameworks for mobile applications and dedicated POS (point of sale) tablet-based applications
  • Data rich connections to manufacturing lines that build assembly items, move inventory and generate Transfer Orders for trans-Pacific shipping containers
  • Near Real-Time fulfillment integrations with 3rd party logistics providers (3PL / EDI)

If you are looking for a way to integrate NetSuite with an existing business system or are looking to augment NetSuite with a best of breed email platform, ecommerce platform or anything else that uses RESTful services, don’t wait – ask us about our RESTful services today!

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