Want to pay Commissions from NetSuite?

Sales Reps, Sales Teams, Partners and more – simple!


Commissions can be hard – different reps, sales cycles, products and quotas.  And sometimes the add on NetSuite Commission module makes things feel out of reach.

Our building blocks for NetSuite commissions let you compile your logic into a simple solution that fits your business model.  Don’t compromise on commissions – lets us make this easy!



Commissions are a great tool to motivate your sales force but every business has different ways they want to reward sales.  No matter how complex your commission program may be from tiers to escalators to periods and returns, a Cloud 1001 bespoke solution can be tailored to your exact needs.


Everyone enrolled in a commission based compensation program has a personal goal they are looking at.  A good commission solution lets them know if they have succeeded…  a GREAT commission program lets them know where they are along the way.  From personal commission updates emailed daily, to weekly summaries or on demand graphing – however you need to personalize your program to  get the most out of your reps – our program can support you!

Let’s talk honestly about motivating your sales force with incentive based compensation. As great as NetSuite is with the accounting side of sales numbers, the NetSuite Commission module is not the most flexible or intuitive tool.  All too often organizations are hamstrung by the native tools when they want to apply commission rules that are unique to their business.  Don’t fall into the trap of either accepting a “less than” solution…  or even worse deciding to take all the hard work out of NetSuite and default to commission calculations on spreadsheets!  Think about that for a minute – you have invested in NetSuite’s accuracy – only to perform some of your most critical compensation calculations offline and in a way prone to human error!

Having worked with so many businesses in this very situation with and built dozens of solutions inside NetSuite to solve complex commission challenges, we know there’s a better way.  And since every single solution is tailored to that business and their model – you don’t have to feel like your commissions are an after thought. Commissions are the core of incentive based compensation and a powerful motivational tool for expanding sales revenue – contact us today to learn how to make your commissions your own!


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