NetSuite as a platform

NetSuite is a powerful platform offering everything from core ERP to light manufacturing, marketing, CRM, ecommerce, budgeting, point of sale, payroll and so much more.  It’s a very attractive proposition in terms of a core platform for a business – switch and everything you want to do can run in one place.  The reality is – that dream is almost never realized.  Sooner or later your business evolves to a point where you need something more advanced than what’s offered inside NetSuite… and that’s OK.

NetSuite as a technology

What’s great about NetSuite is it’s ability to be extended as a technology itself.  NetSuite makes it easy to build a custom business workflow, generate a custom report or to easily integrate with external systems as your business needs change.  (3PL for fulfilment or EDI for new orders are just the tip of the iceberg (Integrations)).  The challenge with leveraging NetSuite as a technology is finding ways to do so where you are in control of the process and know where you are going along the way as your business expands to include multiple technologies.

NetSuite with Cloud 1001

Our agnostic approach to selecting the best technologies to solve your business needs demonstrates our passion for fitting the best product to achieve your success (Our Philosophy).  Because we don’t sell software there’s no conflict of interest – we will always recommend the BEST solution for your business, NetSuite or not. (About Us).


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NetSuite Technologies and Services

  • Administration assistance (users, roles, configuration)
  • Reports and saved searches
  • Data migration and validation
  • Training
  • Custom Solutions
  • SuiteScript 1.0 & 2.0
  • RESTlet 3rd party system integrations
  • Workflow Automation
  • Web Services
  • Suitelets, custom forms and assistants